Thwaites Glacier (NASA)

The Adapters — Eric Rignot and the Ice of Antarctica

A big chunk of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is collapsing. Scientists announced in May that it’s now inevitable — though it will take decades or even centuries to happen. But the collapse will cause a big rise in sea level. Eric Rignot is the lead author of one of the studies that reached that conclusion, and he’s a glaciologist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and at UC-Irvine. He talked with Alex Chadwick.

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Rising Seas

florida condos

Sea level rise is just one of the ugly faces of climate change. A dangerous one, too. Especially for the United States, which has 20 of the most threatened coastal cities in the world. BURN’s latest special examines the causes and consequences of rising seas. We visit south Florida, the Gulf Coast, New York City, and Greenland, where ice-melt is going to make the world a very different place.

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Future Sea Level


The data is clear: Seas are rising. Scientists say sea levels will rise a lot more, but figuring out how far and how fast is immensely complicated. Science writer Dan Grossman surveys the latest ideas that scientists have about how to predict future sea level. Computer models help look forward. But understanding sea levels from the deep past can help, too.

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Oil rig

Shell’s foray into Alaska oil isn’t paying off

Shell started its hunt for oil off the coast of Alaska more than a year ago, but the effort proved disastrous. Reporter Elizabeth Arnold looked into the state of Arctic oil exploration in the U.S.

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