“Fukushima Witness”

Alex with Fukushima witness Carl PillitteriAlex Chadwick speaks with Carl Pillitteri, an American nuclear technician who was working inside Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant when the earthquake and tsunami hit in March, 2011. A BURN exclusive interview.
(Broadcast: March 10, 2012)

“This is the Oil Business”

Wolverine CEO Sid Jansma Jr.Alex Chadwick visits Richfield, Utah and speaks with Wolverine Gas and Oil CEO Sid Jansma, Jr.
Wolverine, an independent oil company, owns Utah’s Covenant Oil Field – the largest domestic oil discovery in three decades.
(Broadcast April, 2012, American Public Media’s Marketplace)

“Exploring for Oil and Gas in the Arctic”

Elizabeth Arnold reporting form the ArcticElizabeth Arnold reporting from the Arctic (Photo by: Tom Van Pelt)[/caption]BURN reporter Elizabeth Arnold takes listeners to the far north — 200 miles above the Arctic Circle to the top of Alaska, where Inupiaq (Native Alaskan) Eskimos are torn between the benefits of new oil development and the risks Arctic oil will pose to their 1,000-year-old whaling culture
(Broadcast: October 2012)

“Pennsylvania’s Changing Landscape”

Pennsylvania, Fracking: horse with gas fire behind themA burn-off from a fracking site illuminates the Pennsylvania sky. (Photo by: Les Stone)[/caption]Alex Chadwick visits Pennsylvania, the site of the Marcellus Shale, a vast underground repository of natural gas that runs beneath parts of PA, New York, Ohio and West Virginia. Hist story examines the impact natural gas exploration has had on one county in Pennsylvania and particularly on a group of people who had the misfortune of living on top of a Marcellus Shale flashpoint.
(Broadcast: October 2012)