Welcome to “The Power of One”
Produced by Mary Beth Kirchner, September 2012

Hello, I’m Alex Chadwick. Welcome to our latest two hours of specials on stories about energy and the election. Both candidates are talking a lot about energy a lot. It’s too big a subject not to talk about. In the latest installment of BURN, we break down the complex energy subject into elements we can all understand.

We will look at the energy policy goals of past presidents, and hear from experts about what they hope the next president will do. And I will report from Pennsylvania, where fracking – a new technology that has turned natural gas into the single most important element remaking our energy economy – is transforming the state and its economy. We will also go to Michigan, where voters are considering whether or not to approve a major investment in wind power.

Those stories and much more, on the next installment of BURN.

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