This is where you’ll find some basic information about the science of Energy. And let’s be absolutely clear about it: science is at the core of understanding our relationship with Energy. But don’t worry, science does not have to be scary. We’ll start with the basics and go from there.


  1. Forms of Energy (Motion, Heat, Light, Sound), and Energy Transformations
  2. Thermodynamics and Thermal Technology
  3. Photovoltaic Cells and Solar Power Technologies
  4. How Nuclear Fission and Fusion Work
  5. The Hydrogen Economy, Hydrogen Sources, and the Science Behind These
  6. Wind Science, and How It Generates Electricity
  7. Fuel Cells and Storing Lots of Energy
  8. Exploration, Production, Refining, Transportation, & Marketing of Coal, Petroleum, & Natural Gas
  9. The Basics of Electricity and Circuits, How Energy Moves Through the Home
  10. Ocean Energy
  11. Groundwater, the Water Cycle, and Depletion
  12. Water Use in the Production of Energy
  13. The Physics That Make Machines Work
  14. Power Grid Technology
  15. Ten Major Sources of Energy: Their Advantages and Disadvantages
  16. Energy Efficiency, Principles of Consumption, and Conservation
  17. The Connection Between Greenhouse Gases, Climate Change & Global Warming
  18. How We Got the Grid: A History
  19. The Price of Gasoline: How It Rises (and Falls) and Why It Varies By State
  20. “Cap and Trade” and Carbon Tax Proposals
  21. Energy Mix Variation by Region and Country, and the Policies That Influence This
  22. The Electricity Marketplace
  23. Total U.S. Electric Output Per Week