Video: "Mike Pethel’s Superfast Green Car"

Mechanical savant, racecar enthusiast and obsessive inventor – Mike Pethel has set out to convert his pristine 70’s BMW into the fastest battery-only car on Earth. Working out of a garage in Venice, California, Mike is solving a lot of energy puzzles, and those answers may soon be very valuable to green industries. And, he’s built one awesome ride.


Radio Special: "Rising Seas"

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Sea level rise has become the ugly face of climate change.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has listed the 20 most threatened coastal cities in the world – Miami is first, New York is third, and New Orleans is 12th.

Our Rising Seas special examines the causes and consequences of sea level changes in south Florida, the Gulf Coast, New York City, and Greenland, where ice-melt is going to make the world a very different place.


Photo-Essay: "Fracking and Families"

The Riverdale mobile home park used to sit on the banks of the Susquehanna River in north-central Pennsylvania. It housed working families with modest incomes. In 2012 all the Riverdale trailer families were evicted to make room for a pump station and pipeline that would move Susquehanna water to fracking sites elsewhere in the state.

Some from Riverdale went willingly. Some stayed to fight the evictions. Everyone shared in the hardships. The disruption unsettled families and undermined their support networks as they wondered what to do and where to go.

BURN host Alex Chadwick gathered the stories of Riverdale with photographer and Pennsylvania resident Lynn Johnson, who works on assignment for National Geographic.