New Turbine Overhead 112012

A new turbine is installed at the Dresden nuclear plant in Morris, IL. Photo Courtesy Exelon Corp.

The earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan almost two years ago caused flooding, power failures, and meltdowns at the Fukushima nuclear plant. Since then, nuclear regulators have been concerned about 31 reactors in the US – because they are built like Fukushima’s.

Observers have been proposing new safety measures – including venting systems that will release hydrogen and prevent reactor explosions – to help stabilize the plants in the event of natural disasters.

The US nuclear industry has been resisting the expensive changes, especially since the chances of a disaster that would require some of the new equipment are so small.

BURN Host Alex Chadwick visited the Dresden nuclear plant, about an hour southwest of Chicago, and spoke with regulators and industry officials about on-going efforts to make nuclear energy in the US safer. LISTEN