Rising Seas

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Sea level rise has become the ugly face of climate change.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has listed the 20 most threatened coastal cities in the world – Miami is first, New York is third, and New Orleans is 12th.

Our Rising Seas special examines the causes and consequences of sea level changes in south Florida, the Gulf Coast, New York City, and Greenland, where ice-melt is going to make the world a very different place.

The New New Amsterdam

subway map

New York City is in danger. Sea levels are increasing, and the city needs to guard against floods. After the devastation of Superstorm Sandy, some people in New York are looking to the Netherlands for inspiration and guidance.

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Future Sea Level

The data is clear: Seas are rising. Scientists say sea levels will rise a lot more, but figuring out how far and how fast is immensely complicated. Science writer Dan Grossman surveys the latest ideas that scientists have about how to predict future sea level. Computer models help look forward. But understanding sea levels from the deep past can help, too.

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The melting of Greenland

Neal Conan in Greenland

Former NPR host and correspondent Neal Conan went to Greenland for a closer look at the island’s melting ice. One of his guides was acclaimed science and nature writer Gretel Ehrlich.

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What IPCC’s climate report says about rising sea levels

A major report out last week on the causes of climate change points squarely at humans. And the damage is sweeping. Ahead of BURN’s upcoming rising seas special, here’s what hundreds of scientists say about why the oceans are getting warmer, and bigger.

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