Alex Chadwick, BURN Host

If energy-induced global warming truly is global, how come it’s not showing up in my neighborhood?

Actually, it is in my neighborhood. I live around Venice Beach in Los Angeles. A couple of months ago, I noticed new flood gates on the Venice canals. The agency putting them in called them tidal gates – but the canals have been here for more than 100 years, and they never had gates until fairly recently.

Here’s another sign: you can get in the water. Without wet suits. And it’s barely April.

I grew up near New England beaches. I’m used to water that’s too cold for most people. I usually start swimming here in late April or May. There’s a big difference in water that’s 58º or 60º. Late March/early April is a little too cold.

Except now, it’s not. It’s tolerable, at least wading out knee-deep. And I saw little kids getting in in the last week. I would guess the ocean is about a month ahead of itself in terms of water temperature. It should be 57º right now.

But I checked with two lifeguards. They have boats out everyday, and they sample water temperature daily just off from where I go in. Their readings these days are running at least 60º. Yes, they said. Warmer than normal.

It’s been overcast here. The subject of another posting to come. But if we get a warm day, I’m going in for further data collection. And a good wave or two.