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BP Responds to Tad Patzek on Safety at BP

Daren Beaudo

April 24, 2012

Safety is at the heart of everything we do – driven by our leaders and applied through our operating management system. Our safety and risk management approach is built on deep experience in the oil and gas industry. This includes learning from the conclusions of investigations into the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010 and the Texas City refinery explosion in 2005, as well as operations audits, annual risk reviews, other incident investigations and from industry practice of sharing experience.

In response to the Gulf of Mexico accident in 2010, we initiated a wide-ranging program designed to enhance safety and risk management within the group and earn back trust. Much has been achieved, but there is a more to do.

Our focus has been on the following areas:

Safety and operational risk – Our independent safety and operational risk (S&OR) function is now well established. A team that is now close to 600 in number, S&OR sets our company-wide requirements for safety and operational risk management and works alongside our businesses to support and scrutinize their efforts towards greater conformance.

Risk management – We have initiated a review of our risk management system and begun enhancing the clarity, simplicity and consistency of the way we manage and report risks. We have standardized ourreporting processes so that businesses and functions have a consistent way of reporting risk – from our frontline operations to the board.

Upstream restructuring – We have reshaped our upstream business into three divisions – exploration, developments and production – and centralized our drilling wells activity into a single organization. Over the long term, we believe these changes will help foster the development of expertise and reinforce accountability for managing risk.

Values and behaviors – Our refreshed values – safety, respect, excellence, courage and one team – reflect the qualities and behaviors that distinguish BP at its best. Our values are explicitly linked to our code of conduct, which reflects the behaviors that are expected of everyone who works for BP.

Contractor management We have conducted a best-practice review of 21 organizations that use contractors in potentially high-consequence activities. The findings are informing our contractor management approach.

Individual performance and reward – We have aligned employee performance and reward with our values and introduced ‘safety’ and ‘taking a long-term perspective’ as key indicators of individual performance. In annual performance conversations, staff are now asked to set priorities on their contribution to safety, compliance and risk management.

Technology – We have established four new cross-business science networks within BP. This is one part of our push to use technology more strategically throughout our organization, helping us to develop the sustainable capabilities we need to operate effectively and meet our long-term goals as a company.

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Daren Beaudo, press officer for BP America, served as a strategist and spokesman for the company during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill response. He is responsible for press relations, issues management and crisis response for BP’s U.S. Exploration and Production operations, US Shipping and Remediation Management activities. He is also the primary U.S.-based company spokesman for BP’s E&P businesses located in eight states stretching from the Rocky Mountains to Arkansas and offshore Gulf of Mexico.


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