Welcome to BURN, the groundbreaking new series from The Public Radio Energy Project.


photo Andy Comins

BURN is hosted by veteran journalist and master storyteller Alex Chadwick who is on a mission to begin a conversation we hope will start our nation on the road to a better energy future.

BURN is about sharing Energy stories.  Alex is keeping a journal of discovery as he explores a subject that is a huge part of our lives, but about which most of us know little more that what we spend for heat and electricity for our homes and fuel for our vehicles. And we want to hear from you because your Energy experience is just as important to finding a solution as the insights we get from experts.  We believe, in fact, that you are the leading expert when it comes to your own life and experience.

Energy, like so many important subjects, starts with science. Science helps us find, store, transport and use Energy and, as you will see with this series, science will also help us understand how Energy works. So join us as we embark on a fascinating journey into what must be a successful Energy future. We have no choice. The time to start is right now.

Check with your local station to find out when they will broadcast BURN from The Public Radio Energy Project.