We at BURN: An Energy Journal believe in a simple idea. We believe that now is the time to do something about energy.

We believe that the more you know about energy science, the more you’ll want to do something. We wonder: “How would you answer these four questions:”

  • What do you know about energy?
  • What can you do about energy?
  • What will you do about energy?
  • What are you doing about energy?

The sound-rich productions of BURN: An Energy Journal and the series’ intelligent talk about science, technology, engineering and policy will bring the energy discussion to your digital communities and local stations. We want to become the catalyst that inspires you to dream our energy future.

With your help we will move from ideas into action. What can you do?

Start by answering those four questions. Email us or comment and reply below describing what you come up with. We promise to do the same. Often.